Percona Mongodb server installation 4.4.6-focal on Ubuntu 20.6 latest version Fails

we are trying to install Percona Mongodb Server in Ubuntu latest version.
When we are installing we are facing error at mongodb server tools.
and also it is observed that in /etc folder instead of mongod.conf file, we have file.

sudo apt-get install percona-server-mongodb
This command is failing.
We have even tried installing only mongodb tools.deb file form downloads, even that dint work.
can you please help us in the installation issue.

Thanks for the help in advance.

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Hello Divya_Bandaru,

We’ve tried to reproduce failed installation attemt on the latest fresh Ubuntu Focal by installing percona-server-mongodb of 4.4.6-8.focal version, but the attempt was successful and there were no issues during packages installation.

Could you please show us the log of failed installation attempt, so we could check where the issue might be.

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Thanks for the reply. PFA

We already installed mongodb in it first and then uninstalled it.

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After adding the dependency we are getting the below error.PFA

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Hi @Divya_Bandaru,

Before running sudo apt --fix-broken install, please remove mongodb-database-tools package, which conflicts with percona-server-mongodb-tools by executing sudo dpkg --remove mongodb-database-tools command.
Meanwhile, we’ll check if this can be somehow improved/changed so the issue won’t appear during packages installation.

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