Upgrade 3.6 to 4.0, but 4.0 not available

I have an old production system that I need to upgrade from 3.6 to 4.0 to avoid any downtime.
Upgrade path for no downtime 3.4->3.6->4.0->4.2->4.4

I upgraded from 3.4 to 3.6 easily, but when I try to do 3.6 to 4.0

sudo percona-release enable psmdb-40
Hit:8 Percona Repo bionic InRelease
Hit:9 Percona Repo bionic InRelease
It only installs 4.4 and then won’t start due to it not upgrading from 4.2
I have been trying and cannot figure out how to get a 4.0 package installed.

I have tried versions of this:
sudo apt install percona-server-mongodb=4.0.27-22 percona-server-mongodb-mongos=4.0.27-22 percona-server-mongodb-shell=4.0.27-22 percona-server-mongodb-server=4.0.27-22 percona-server-mongodb-tools=4.0.27-22
but it tells me
E: Version ‘4.0.27-22’ for ‘percona-server-mongodb’ was not found
E: Version ‘4.0.27-22’ for ‘percona-server-mongodb-mongos’ was not found
E: Version ‘4.0.27-22’ for ‘percona-server-mongodb-shell’ was not found
E: Version ‘4.0.27-22’ for ‘percona-server-mongodb-server’ was not found
E: Version ‘4.0.27-22’ for ‘percona-server-mongodb-tools’ was not found

Can someone point me in the right direction?

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I just had to
sudo percona-release disable psmdb-44

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Also once installing packages with exact version you could try
sudo apt install percona-server-mongodb=4.0.27-22.bionic percona-server-mongodb-mongos=4.0.27-22.bionic percona-server-mongodb-shell=4.0.27-22.bionic percona-server-mongodb-server=4.0.27-22.bionic percona-server-mongodb-tools=4.0.27-22.bionic

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