Percona master-master + slave setup


I’m new to Percona cluster and was able to successfuly setup a lab using this guide:

Now, I’m not sure if this makes sense, is it possible to integrate a slave to this master-master setup or just simply add another master and do all the reads there?

I’m unable to find a guide and only master-slave except this: and couple of others.


Hi flash05,

To answer your question, it is possible to set up asynchronous replication from PXC to a read-only replica.

Please check out this post for more details on setting this up properly.

Hi Barret. Thanks for the input and yes I’ve seen that as well and on said “But actually - why to bother with async replication at all here? Why not use all in same PXC cluster, and just designate one node as writer/master if needed?” so it is possible however im not sure if this makes sense and just assign one as slave. By any chance there is a use-case of this setup?

As a new PXC user, a less complicated setup makes more sense and will meet the majority of requirements.

Have you seen this Solution Brief?

We recommend a 3-node cluster with 1 asynchronous slave as a best-practice. The asynchronous slave can be used for disaster recovery or for read-splitting for reads that are tolerant of a minor delay.

Thanks again for your response. I guess we’ll just have to use this 3-node setup to simplify things and not add more variables to the equation. :slight_smile: