master server with quorum 2

can we run only 2 nodes instead of 3 with master - master setup with multiple slave node with version Percona xtradb Cluster version 5.5.34-25.?

We are also planning to upgrade the server, so by adding slave with newer version will work

You mean 2 PXC nodes with then multiple async slaves?
If you can have only 2 PXC nodes, then you should add at least an arbitrator (garbd) node as 3rd. Also, any reason to use more async slaves?

Sorry to intervene, but I just stumbled upon almost exactly the same question. I need synchronous replication but can’t afford more than two servers, so here we are. I came up with master-master scheme, where first master have pc.weight=1 and the other one (“slave”) - pc.weight=0, which makes it kinda useless in case something happens with the main master, but nevertheless - allows us to offload most reads to the “slave”. And async slave, chained with main master, could be useful to create backups from it.
Is it viable, at some degree?

Right now my PXC is already setup by 2 nodes and I’m sending all write query to single node because in case of heavy select query we are facing table lock issues. That’s why I’m thinking to move 1 master node to async slave, so we can easily run select query without worrying.