Percona GR operator is not production ready


Percona states that the GR operator version 0.6.0 is not production ready, Can you please mention the reasons why it should not be used? Any plans to release the stable version of GR operator

Hey @Jai_Krishnan ,

thank you for your interest.
There are multiple reasons why it is not GA yet:

  1. We take quality extremely seriously: the operator is in the early stage and we are still finding various minor problems with it
  2. It does not have certain table stakes features yet. For example - point in time recovery. We understand though that for some environments and use cases it is not a blocker.

Also we have another operator for MySQL based on Percona XtraDB Cluster - Percona Operator for MySQL based on Percona XtraDB Cluster

It is production grade and provides sync replication, similarly to GR.

As for plans - we have a plan to release GA in 2024 (the date moved multiple times due to other priorities).

I would be curious to learn more about your use cases and why you see GR as a solution to your problems vs PXC Operator.

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