MySQL Operator in Everest


Are there plans to support the newer MySQL Operator in Everest?

There are such plans, but no specific ETA.

Is there any particular reason why not use Percona Operator for MySQL which is based on Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC)? It provides the same user experience as Group Replication. Also in most cases PXC provides better performance and stability.

One reason is to stay up-to-date with newer functionality that’s built in to MySQL. From what I understand, the new operator support built-in replication and load balancing (innodb cluster with mysql router) so it sticks closer to upstream MySQL.

Also, in our setup, we have a preference for running async replication with failover. Write load balancing isn’t a priority, given the tradeoffs.

My assumption is that performance differences would be negligible until you reach significant scale. Is that inaccurate?