Not able to do successful backup

[root@mongodb log]# cat /root/deepakmongo.yaml


type: filesystem


path: /mongo-backup

[root@mongodb log]#

[root@mongodb log]# pbm backup --mongodb-uri=“mongodb://”

Starting backup ‘2020-11-10T13:59:16Z’…

Error starting backup: no confirmation that backup has successfully started. Replsets status:



“ok” : 0,

“errmsg” : “not running with --replSet”,

“code” : 76,

“codeName” : “NoReplicationEnabled”



– Unsure how to proceed?

Hi Deepaklo.

You’ve encountered the point that PBM is only made to be used with MongoDB running with replication enabled. This is an expectation because production support for Percona Server for MongoDB (or MongoDB Community or Enterprise editions) is only offered when replica sets are used. It is a necessity for making consistent backups because the oplog content is used during restore to return all data to as it was at a single, exact point of time.

If you have a standalone mongod process you can use mongodump instead of PBM, though.


Yes , thanks figured out to tweak config and set the replication as it needs for pbo.

Was able to run successfully.

Appreciate percona team on the help.

No worries. Have a good day.