Percona docs site: please, do not use "en dash" symbol (U+2013) instead of dash U+002D for command parameters!

I lost I think 2 hours to debug why I was getting this error:

[Xtrabackup] unknown argument: ‘-–safe-slave-backup’

I checked the spelling so many times, checked all the documentation sites, the man xtrabackup, tried to guess some undocumented change like using replica instead of slave, I was opening a bug on the percona jira…

Then I realized it. I had copied it from the docs site:


Which firstly gave unknown argument: '–safe-slave-backup' so I said “oh, one dash is missing, let’s add id” and I added a dash before it.

Note that the two dashes, the “good” one and the “bad” one, render identically at least on my terminal, with putty:


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Hi Francesco, sorry to hear this caused an issue for you. I checked the doc repository and we correctly have double dash there, so it must be a bug with the documentation framework that renders the page. I have reached out to the web team to fix.