Percona Configuration Wizard


OS: CentOS7
DB: MarianDB
Storage: InnoDB

I’ve used Percona Configuration Wizard to create my.cnf

I found the following optimization parameters on a few forums, but these are not there in optimization parameters create by Percona Configuration Wizard.

max_user_connections = 60
max_allowed_packet = 1M
max_connect_errors = 999999
table_cache = 1200 ## max user connections x number of JOINs your heaviest SQL query contains

Trying to understand why the above parameters were ignored.

Advice or pointers are appreciated.


Hi rsclmumbai;

Are you asking why those specific values were not recommended by the Percona Configuration Wizard? If so, see below:

max_user_connections = This defaults to zero, meaning unlimited. This is a good setting to have in your config, just make sure it’s high enough to allow for all the connections you need for a specific account.

max_allowed_packet = This defaults to 1M, so there is no need to include it unless you want to set it to something other than the default.

max_connect_errors = This defaults to 10. If all is going well, connections should not be getting errors. Increasing this to a high value is more of a security risk and simply hides underlying problems that may be causing connections issues.

table_cache = This was renamed to table_open_cache, so it might be in your config already as the new name.