Percona Cluster Backups - Process for recovery

I am attempting to figure out what I did wrong on my dev system
I wanted to try out a recovery from backups on a cluster and appear to have failed…  Not quite sure why… gcache.size=4G on a pretty slow transaction server…  should not have exceeded this valuewsrep_desync=off
mkdir /backupinnobackupex --galera-info backup
innobackupex --apply-log .

rm -rf /clusterdatadir
manually created grastate.dat from xtrabackup_galera_info
# GALERA saved stateversion: 2.1uuid:    15b2b8d2-46a8-11ea-a8de-8e1112674a6d:18413827seqno:   23cert_index:
cp -R . /clusterdatadir/cd /clusterdatadirchown -R mysql:mysql .service mysql start
This started a entire sync from another node in the cluster vs picking up where it should have…

I may have found it… I missed in the uid that the sequence number is also included…

Yep that was my issue :slight_smile:

The only remaining question is let us assume I lost the ENTIRE cluster… how to get it to start as a single node like it is the “master” 
Do I nuke the grastate file… modify wsrep.conf to show only a single server set to bootstrap and bring up?

Hi, your plan looks correct.
Anyway - if you have a backup you can try it out. If it does not work - we will help you to figure this out.