reparing for cluster from dump data

Hi i am new for xtraDB cluster, i have 500gb dump file want to restore and create clustering, what step i must to do?

  1. Restore dump file on every node ?
  2. Restore dump file just on 1 node (bootstrap node) ?

this my topology i want create without downtime

1 Percona Mysql Server( Already Run Master) ==>> 3 Node Clustering
then set off mysql server after 3 node clustering sync done.

Thanks before!

Hello stoneboy thanks for asking.

I think a good starting point could be this webinar (which is entirely free). Although it’s a few years old, I believe it will cover quite a lot of the “how does this work best” points that you are likely to raise if you are migrating from an existing set up to a new one using PXC. As it says, it’s a mostly operational discussion, not an in-depth technical review, and so it is largely version agnostic.

[URL]Percona Webinars: Open Source Database Learning

Although it’s in the context of dbdeployer, this blog post has a good section about understanding some of the nuances of PXC for someone with MySQL experience who’s new to using galera cluster, and you might find it useful [URL][/URL]

You have probably seen these How-to’s but I’d be interested to hear if you don’t think that your scenario is covered by these, as we’re always looking to improve our documentation: [URL]Redirecting

Please always test, test, test in a non-production environment!

Hi lorraine.pocklington, Thanks for replies.

On the way for read [url]Percona Webinars: Open Source Database Learning and other link,
hope i can asking here again when found some trouble on my implementation later.

Yes - if you don’t find the answers you need in those links please come straight back and I’ll see if I can get someone to help you out.