reparing for cluster from dump data

Hi i am new for xtraDB cluster, i have 500gb dump file want to restore and create clustering, what step i must to do?

  1. Restore dump file on every node ?
  2. Restore dump file just on 1 node (bootstrap node) ?

this my topology i want create without downtime

1 Percona Mysql Server( Already Run Master) ==>> 3 Node Clustering
then set off mysql server after 3 node clustering sync done.

Thanks before!

Hello stoneboy thanks for asking.

I think a good starting point could be this webinar (which is entirely free). Although it’s a few years old, I believe it will cover quite a lot of the “how does this work best” points that you are likely to raise if you are migrating from an existing set up to a new one using PXC. As it says, it’s a mostly operational discussion, not an in-depth technical review, and so it is largely version agnostic.

Although it’s in the context of dbdeployer, this blog post has a good section about understanding some of the nuances of PXC for someone with MySQL experience who’s new to using galera cluster, and you might find it useful

You have probably seen these How-to’s but I’d be interested to hear if you don’t think that your scenario is covered by these, as we’re always looking to improve our documentation:

Please always test, test, test in a non-production environment!

Hi lorraine.pocklington, Thanks for replies.

On the way for read and other link,
hope i can asking here again when found some trouble on my implementation later.

Yes - if you don’t find the answers you need in those links please come straight back and I’ll see if I can get someone to help you out.