Trying to restore partial backup on cluster

I have a cluster but I want to backup on per databases using --database option. But the problem is restoring a single database back on the cluster. The other nodes is not replicating. Although I have copied it to all datbases,Its not working properly

someone please help with steps on restoring particular database on cluster?
would be much appreciated

So I’m puzzed - you have running cluster which replicates properly.  You when restored the database taken by mysqldump  to one of the nodes and the database not replicated to others,  do I understand you correctly ?
What storage engine do you use and what cluster version ?

Hi, Thanks for coming back.Yes you are right. Yeah I have a cluster version 5.7.26. while I have taken backup of particular database using xtrabackup , I have tried to restore it using the xtrabackup  on one node using restoring individual tables. The restore database is there on that node while its not replicating on other nodes in cluster

I assume the storage engine is INNODb engine by default in Percona cluster

This is expected.  The cluster replicates logical changes to tables while  Percona Xtrabackups   restores physical data file.
If you want to install single table to the cluster your better choice to use logical restore  - mysqldump/mysqlpump/mydumper etc 

Keeping in mind the Xtrbackup features,we are using xtrabackup instead of mysqldump.
 I m restoring it in all nodes, and then it just disappears from other node.

Also,how safe it would be to restore single tables using mysqldump in prod cluster. will there be any inconsisitency in restoring single datbases in cluster using mysqldump.
Could you please suggest any document to refer to restore using mysqldump
would be helpful

what i mean, any features to be enabled which restoring for consistency purposes in percona cluster

If you restore MySQLDump backup  the Percona Replication Cluster replication engine will ensure all nodes are in sync. 
While restoring such table through you better ensure you’re not using too bulky transactions as it can impact cluster performance