Percona Amazon RDS Monitoring Template for Cacti

Hi guys!
The leader in my team asked me to monitor RDS Instance AWS using Cacti so I gave Google a quick search and found out about this Percona Amazon RDS Monitoring Template for Cacti. This was the article that i followed.…templates.html
The point is when i was trying to test the scripts, there was a error came up said: Unable to get a RDS statistics.
I checked the AWS key carefully and i’m sure there is nothing to do with this.
And i also trying to add a RDS template in XML format downloaded from Percona homepage but when i add a new device in Cacti, i dont know how to do.
What to do with

In the case i left it out, the graph appeared with no data. I dont know why. You guys have any idea about it?

maybe it got someting to do with spine, check this out:

Thanks but in this case, the RDS instance dont have its own IP so i dont know how to do. I just put the RDS Identifier in the Hostname field.
Maybe it’s related to the Percona??? Cause when i using Apache or Mysql Template for my host which is has Elastic Ip, i still didn’t get any data from the graph,

Anyone else has any idea?

you may need to verify that xml uploaded to the right place

What region is your instance in? If not us-east-1 than it’s not supported until the next release.
However, you can edit the script and easily fix it until that.
Let me know if this is a case.

Otherwise, try -l option to list the instances:

Hi Guys !!!
Currently I’m using percona-monitoring-plugins-1.1.4 to integrate my RDS instance to Cacti monitoring system. For that i’ve correctly configured /etc/boto.cfg & create my RDS instance on us-east-1 region. But I’m getting message as “Unable to get RDS details”.

root@~:~/percona-monitoring-plugins-1.1.4# ./cacti/scripts/ -l
Unable to get RDS details

I’ve used following site as reference :