Mysql RDS monitoring script update

Hi at all,
I was trying to configure the Mysql RDS monitor plugin, I had to do some debugging because it gave me some error.

Actually I found that something’s changed from your guide to the boto version I have.
Unfortunaltely I don’t have much time tu argue more. I just made some test and I found this solution working for me:

  1. replace
    import boto
    import boto.rds
    import boto.ec2.cloudwatch

  2. replace
    rds = boto.connect_rds()
    rds = boto.rds.connect_to_region(“eu-west-1”) #use your region

  3. replace
    cw = boto.connect_cloudwatch()
    cw = boto.ec2.cloudwatch.connect_to_region(“eu-west-1”) #use your region

Hope this could help.


you have also to add some more instance_classes: