Percona 5.5 replication only one database


is it possible to do replication of only one database in Percona 5.5.?


5.5 is End of Life for over 2 years now. 5.6 will be EOL this month. 5.7 will be EOL in 2.5 years. You really should upgrade to 5.7 right now in order to continue to receive bug fixes and security updates. Remaining on 5.5 is dangerous.

– George O. Lorch III
Director of Server Engineering, Percona Server for MySQL, Percona XtraDB Cluster, and Percona XtraBackup


I know and because of this I am asking. We are in the process of migrating 300GB big database first with the upgrading of the app which uses this database and then database alone to 5.7 if possible.


Hi, maybe this will help you, we made a short video course about upgrading MySQL.