NUMA Nodes - Actual number of nodes are not reflecting in dashboard


I setup a Percona dashboard to monitor NUMA usage.
My ubuntu machine is having 2 NUMA nodes but in dashboard always it shows only node 0 .

Expected Result:

Available NUMA nodes should be displayed

Actual Result:

Always node 0 is displayed

Hi, could you provide more detailed description of the problem?
Which Percona dashboard did you setup? How did you setup Percona dashboard? Do you use PMM or vanilla grafana? if it’s grafana did you use our instruction to convert our dashboards to vanilla grafana?
What’s your environment? What exporter do you use to collect metrics? What version of grafana? Have you checked metrics in explore? Are they correct?

Hi Nurlan,

I followed the steps from this link Installing Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) Software - Percona

Used 2 ubuntu machines
1 - PMM Server
2 - PMM client and registered to PMM Server

when i do lscpu | grep NUMA my ubuntu machine shows 2 NUMA nodes (96cpus each)

So am expecting 2 Nodes graph in percona but it displays only node 0.

Can some one please check and help on this??