Node gets evicted from PMM monitoring

We have implemented PMM monitoring for our entire prod environment, which has roughly 300 nodes including mongo and postgres along with Linux nodes.

We notice frequently the nodes are getting disappeared from the PMM and we should have to re add to make it work, and it will happen again after some days.

Version: 2.23.0

Example of pmm status which was disappeared from UI

@sujithtee PMM 2.23.0 was released on October 21, 2021. Please upgrade both PMM server and your PMM clients to the latest PMM, 2.37, which includes many, many bug fixes for the past 2 years. Let us know if you continue to have this problem after upgrading.

Thanks matthewb for the reply,

Definitely will plan for upgrade and let you know, but I expect it will require quite sometime,

Thanks @matthewb, after upgrading to the latest version we are seeing no issues.