Now where did I put that Trends Dashboard

A while back, but I believe still within PMM2, I had an available dashboard called Trends or something very closely related to that. Did that dashboard merge in with another or simply change names? It seems to be missing and it would be nice to have it back.

Hi @johnpitton,

Are you referring to “Trends Dashboard” that was used in PMM1?
It had two sections with only essential elements.

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Exactly. " The “Trends Dashboard” has this feature built-in on comparing the time series against the past day and week for CPU usage, I/O Read/Write Activity, Queries, and InnoDB Rows Read/Changed."

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The dashboard wasn’t migrated to PMM2.
I have created an adopted dashboard version for PMM2.


Will you upload it to the Grafana site to install by ID ? )

I can do it only under my private account on Grafana site. Should I prepare a version for uploading and provide it to you?

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