Not Found Tmp Storage Engine value in PMM?

Hi Everyone,

I am creating custom dashboard in PMM. I need to display the default_tmp_storage_engine value in the dashboard. Am not able to find the default_tmp_storage_engine metrics value in PMM.

MySQL version – 8.0.29
PMM version – 2

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Hi @Asuwini_P

Variables default_storage_engine, default_tmp_storage_engine are not provided as metrics or parameters.

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Thanks for replying @Vadim_Yalovets

Means, the string value we can’t get it ? Even if we write a custom queries ? Is any possible way to get the string values to show in the PMM dashboard.

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String values can be shown as a metrics parameter.

It should be passed as a label in a custom query.

It can be shown by table element. You may check “MongoDB Versions” panel as an example on
“MongoDB ReplSet Summary” dashboard.
Screenshot 2023-01-06 at 13.23.52


Thank you @Vadim_Yalovets, You save my day.