Node exporter asking for credentails?


I have setup PMM v2, as far as know the nodes send to the server the stats…

On the nodes:

pmm-admin config --server-insecure-tls …

I am seeing on the nodes, there is a 42001 port open, to see the metrics of “node exporter I guess”, it ask me for username and password, any one by default

I tried the one I setup on the server, the one that the nodes uses to send their data but that doesn’t work.

Help !

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Hey @jbiancot,
Our exporters support both “push” and “pull” models for getting data to the PMM server. The port 42001 is for pull/scrap by the PMM server, which is not the default operation. The default is to push metrics to the PMM server, thereby not needing to open any ports on most firewalls.

When you pmm-admin config a node, yes, you must use the un/pw of the PMM server to register this agent against the server. It will then setup push metrics by default.


Hi @jbiancot , just to add to Matthew’s comment, you will want to include the username/password in the --server-url flag, like this example:

pmm-admin config --server-insecure-tls --server-url=https://admin:admin@

You should not need to supply any other username/password combinations for setting up the OS metrics collection.

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