Exposing mysqld and node exporter metrics to host ip address in pmm 2.41.0

Before pmm server 2.41.0 version we were able to utilize metrics exposed by mysqld & node exporter and using them with our dashboarding tool but with 2.41.0 this has been stopped.
I cam across --expose-exporter flag and i have set it when registering my db node with pmm. I can see that mysqld metrics has been exposed to node ip address but not for the node exporter.
Can you please let us know how to expose node exporter metrics so that we can use curl command to get these metrics?
As you can see here on localhost i can see all metrics but not on host IP

[ ~]# curl -s -u ‘pmm:/agent_id/4f8f-a596-bf05d58614da’ http://localhost:14401/metrics|wc -l
[ ~]# curl -s -u ‘pmm:/agent_id/4f8f-a596-bf05d58614da’|wc -l

@krkumar , please see the [PMM-12422] - Percona JIRA where this was implemented. If it’s not working in your case - please post Steps to reproduce so our QA team can verify this case.

Hi @Roma_Novikov,
I have pmm server 2.41 and i installed 2.41(Initially my agent version was 2.28) version of pmm agent also and when i was not able to see metrics using curl on host ip address then i have readded my node using
pmm-admin add mysql --environment=qa --metrics-mode=push --socket=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock --username=pmm-monitor --password=passwd --cluster=aa --query-source=perfschema --expose-exporter

After that I was able to see mysqld metrics on the node ip address using curl command but not for the node exporter.

Please let me know if this helps.

Any insight on this?