No base snapshot

First of all thanks Percona for such an amazing tool-pbm.

pbm status show some chunks and this:

2022-05-31T19:34:27Z - 2022-06-23T04:10:07Z (no base snapshot)

nevertheless snapshots exist for long time, scheduled by cron to run twice a day and I even ran pbm backup manually.
So PITR does not use regular snapshots as base and run its own?
How to fix (no base snapshot) PITR issue?

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Hello, seems somehow the metadata got out of sync with the actual files. Did you try
pbm config --force-resync ?

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Hi Ivan.

yes, I tried, no luck. It seems for me it started after some S3 changes applied, like Management->LifeCycle, AWS moved some files to Glacier and it broke the chain.
Will try to revert S3 policy and resync again.

Ivan, could you please clarify what full backup PITR use as base?
Does PITR use any last full backup as a base for next oplog slices or just first one, initially created?

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