Problem with PITR backups on non-Amazon S3 storage with new PBM version

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

We are using PBM for a while and it works quite fine (version 2.1.0). Now on a new setup I’m using the newest version (2.4.1) and I have problems with the PITR backups:

  - pm0/mongodb-1:27017 [P]: pbm-agent v2.4.1 OK
  - pm0/mongodb-2:27017 [S]: pbm-agent v2.4.1 OK
  - pm0/mongodb-3:27017 [S]: pbm-agent v2.4.1 OK

PITR incremental backup:
Status [ON]
! ERROR while running PITR backup: 2024-03-28T12:19:30.000+0100 E [pm0/mongodb-2:27017] [pitr] copy oplog from "2024-03-28T11:17:10Z" backup:
storage copy: NotImplemented:
        status code: 501, request id: tx00000c3b32cefc1cce4f4-0066055242-e7c27ee-ce21, host id:

Currently running:

S3 nl-ams1 XXXX (I removed the URL here)
    2024-03-28T11:17:10Z 509.26MB <logical> [restore_to_time: 2024-03-28T11:19:21Z]
    2024-03-27T05:05:02Z 508.85MB <logical> [restore_to_time: 2024-03-27T05:07:09Z]
    2024-03-26T23:05:02Z 508.91MB <logical> [restore_to_time: 2024-03-26T23:07:37Z]
    2024-03-26T17:05:02Z 178.49KB <logical> [restore_to_time: 2024-03-26T17:05:08Z]
    2024-03-26T11:05:02Z 173.61KB <logical> [restore_to_time: 2024-03-26T11:05:08Z]
    2024-03-26T05:05:02Z 31.19KB <logical> [restore_to_time: 2024-03-26T05:05:09Z]
    2024-03-25T23:58:48Z 26.23KB <logical> [restore_to_time: 2024-03-25T23:58:54Z]
  PITR chunks [648.43MB]:
    2024-03-25T23:58:55Z - 2024-03-28T11:17:11Z

Can it be, that the S3 implementation (it’s not AWS) does not provide all necessary commands/is not following the standard, or is it a bug within PBM?

Thanks in advance,


PS: I downgraded to version 2.2.1 and it works with the same. :man_shrugging: