MySQL Profiler

Anyone could advise me a tool for MySQL which similar to MS SQL Server Profiler?

Sorry for any inconvenient but I don’t know anywhere else to ask.

I am not familiar with MS SQL Server Profiler.
What does this tool do ?

Honestly I do not know.
I’m not big fan of GUI tools, especially as they are frequently unavailable with remote installations.

Generally I would not expect something with same functionality as MySQL does not provide similar amount of information. Ie there is simply no info on how much phyisical IOs query did etc.


show full processlist;


show status;

A brief description of MS SQL Profiler:
“SQL Profiler can help you diagnose and fix SQL Server performance issues. This tool lets you trace events and play back the results, which can help you determine application and/or query problems.”

Do you think such a tool needed for MySQL?

BTW, thanks all for your quick replies.

There is no event tracing functionality available in MySQL at this point. Best you have is slow query log, SHOW STATUS, SHOW MUTEX STATUS, SHOW INNODB STATUS.

It is planned to have such functionality but it will take time before it is made available.