phpMyAdmin (query profiling)

for anyone using phpMyAdmin, I just upgraded to 2.11 and they added a query profiling tool which is really handy for optimizing your queries.

Here’s an example output i got from a quick query on a sessions table using innodb on mysql 5

Status Time
(initialization) 0.000003
checking query cache for query 0.000038
Opening tables 0.000012
System lock 0.000018
Table lock 0.000044
init 0.00002
optimizing 0.000006
statistics 0.000015
preparing 0.000011
executing 0.000005
Sending data 0.004121
end 0.00003
query end 0.000008
storing result in query cache 0.000026
freeing items 0.000016
closing tables 0.000009
logging slow query 0.000004

Showing rows 0 - 29 (~3251 total, Query took 0.0060 sec)

i can’t wait to start tuning my queries with this. it shows me just what’s going on and is easy to access.

just a heads up. hope it helps!

How do you access this “query profiling tool” exactly?
I am using phpmyadmin 2.11 and it seems this tool is
really well hidden.

After you run a query there is a check box next to “profiling” on the resulting color formatted query they regurgitate back to the screen.