MySQL 5.7.30 to MySQL 8

Hi Team ,

Right now our MySQL version is 5.7.30, if we want to upgrade to MySQL 8.0.XX, which is the stable version that we can upgrade to ?

Hello @santhosh,
I would recommend 8.0.28 or 8.0.32.

We have couple of questions please.

If we want to upgrade MySQL from 5.7.30 to 8.0.28 or 8.0.32. do we have to first upgrade latest MySQL 5.7.41-44 or can we jump to directly 8.0.28 or 8.0.32.

2)For suppose if we upgrade from 5.7.30 to 5.7.41-44, can we downgrade to 5.7.30 if we want too?

No you do not.

Yes. In 5.7 it is easy to rollback to previous patch versions. In MySQL 8, you cannot do this.

Downgrade in the documentation