Monitoring NFS Metrics from Percona


Our databases are hosted on NFS filesystem. So I would like to monitor the NFS metrics from PMM like IOPS,Latency , etc… I think NFS metrics can be captured using the exporters, but I am not sure how to enable it? Any help on this is appreciated.

Hi @Karthikyvpv,

Sad to say but now there is no functionality to disable/enable collectors.
NFS metrics can be generated by already installed node_exporter and can be collected as an external service.


/usr/local/percona/pmm2/exporters/node_exporter --collector.disable-defaults --collector.nfs --collector.nfsd 2>&1 &
pmm-admin add external --group=nfs  --metrics-path=metrics --listen-port=9100

Thats cool… Are there any dashboards to monitor NFS metrics already?

Such metrics are not used in current dashboards.

@Karthikyvpv There are probably NFS dashboards on the Grafana Community site. Check there and you can import the dashboard into PMM.

I tried those. They aren’t working most probably because they are designed for nfs server. But I would need something that can be run from nfs client.