PMM2 collecting and adding memcached metrics, and nginx metrics and logs

Hi All,

We are using PMM2 on Amazon to monitor a Percona Cluster.
We have as well web servers holding ProxySQL that I could register and follow on the PMM dashboard.
Now, After spending quite a lot of time reading the documentation, forum and a few web pages, I am still very confuse about the capacity of having some dedicated dashboard (pages?) for other metrics/logs like memcached and/or nginx.
A few pages talks about PMM1 way vs. PMM2
Plugins which seem to be EOL
Grafana vs PMM dashboard…
“External services” vs official exporter (that I found and compile successfully, but No idea how to set that up with the agent)

So, my question are:

  • Are Memcached metrics able to be added? If so how? If possible describe a complete procedure, from data collector to dashboard graph
  • Are Nginx logs able to be parse by PMM2? or data need to be extracted as metrics to be collected by the agent?
  • How is relevant the grafana dashboard NGinx ingress or so related to PMM2?

All in all, where do I find detailed documentation on how to add metrics to a non included services (agent) ?