MongoDB_Exporter for Prometheus with Kerberos

Does MongoDB-Exporter support Kerberos or X.509 for connecting to on-prem Enterprise MongoDB?

Was able to successfully configure Exporter for the stand-alone MongoDB sandbox using basic DB authentication with user/password. Next step is to connect to the enterprise cluster yet I cannot find any documentation for required connection settings with Kerberos or X.509 certificates.

Could someone please confirm that Exporter supports Kerberos and show how to connect?

Thank you!

Hi @paul_tgs
Please check out [PMM-7278] `mongo_exporter` fails to authorize when MongoDB running with `authMechanism=MONGODB-X509` - Percona JIRA.
Starting from PMM 2.21, the issue should be resolved. You can find an example of how to properly add MongoDB in the “how to test” section. Unfortunately, our documentation does not currently cover this topic.
Please let us know if this solution works for you, and we will update our documentation accordingly.

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