Missing or changed metrics in percona mongdb exporter


We’re using prometheus-mongodb-exporter. From what I understand, this chart uses the image ssheehy/mongodb-exporter which utilizes percona’s mongodb-exporter v.0.10.

We’ve come across an issue where the mongodb-exporter can’t handle large number of collections. The process just hangs. In the context of a helm chart, the pod just dies because readiness and liveness probes fail.

So we decided to use the bitnami mongodb-exporter which utilizes the latest version of percona’s mongdb-exporter. However, many metrics that were available in v.0.10 are not in the latest. We passed the flag --compatible-mode but still we don’t see metrics such as mongodb_mongod_db_coll_count and mongodb_mongod_db_coll_size.

Any ideas how / where I can find these metrics?


Hi, there was a complete rewrite of the exporter after the 0.11 release. The compatible mode should address most of the metrics, but for the collstats metrics you need to use the exporter 0.20.8 at least and add the following flags:
–discovering-mode --mongodb.collstats-colls=your_db_name


Hi @igroene!

Thank you so much for your reply. Yeah I figured that much, thanks for confirming.

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