Mongo Operator and ARM


Hello, do you have a plan to build/push mongo operator for ARM64 arch?


psmdb-operator 1.14.0

Hello @sergelog ,

we do have this in our roadmap.

Can you share more details about your use case? For example, is it about EC2 Graviton on AWS? Or is it more about edge IOT cases? Etc.

The short answer is price.
ARM instances are cheaper.

I have the app: python (django), postgres, redis, rabbit, mongo. And all components work fine except Mongo.
We decided to migrate from bitnami-mongo to Percona. I’ve almost given up with mongo-arm64. But I’ve just noticed, you introduced a mongo-server for arm.

Mongo operator was written on golang, and I hope it would not be complicated to release an arm version mongo-operator (Dockerfile has values already).

Kubernetes controlplane and other components (addons) support many planform architecture now. So mongo operator like controplate, should follow this idea.