Arm support for mongodb


cheers for the great ecosystem and all the prompt help, as far as mongodb is concerned you are probably the only guys doing it, which makes it all the more important.
could you please help with following questions.

  1. does the PSMDB operator support aws ARM64 instances ?? as far as I cann see, there are no multiarch images in percona dockerhub repo.
  2. what about the percona mongodb server, I can see the multi arch images there, can I use them with the helm chart ?? meanwhile operator is deployed on a amd64 instance ?? Docker
  3. the mongodb backup also seems to support arm64 as well I suppose ??

for installing I hope all we need to do is just change the image in the official helm chart values to the latest mutliarch tag ??
for e.g => [7.0.7-4-multi]
in this line

Hello @ahad_khan ,

thanks for asking.

To answer your questions:

  1. ARM support is coming in the next release (this quarter). You can already try to use it from the main branch. This tag supports both arm and amd.

  2. Percona Server for MongoDB supports arm. You are right, you can use multi-arch here: Docker

  3. Yes, it is the same. Percona Backup for MongoDB supports arm as well.

hope this helps. But for production, please wait for the release this quarter. We will also add an official support for Percona Server for MongoDB 7.


thanks @Sergey_Pronin
as always just immense thanks for all the stuff, you guys are real opensource heroes.