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The Percona Operator for MongoDB for Percona Server for MongoDB automates the creation, alteration, or deletion of members in your Percona Server for MongoDB environment. The Operator contains the necessary Kubernetes settings to maintain a consistent Percona Server for MongoDB instance.

  • Deploy easily - create a Percona Distribution for MongoDB environment with no single point of failure and the ability to span multiple activity or availability zones.
  • Scale Your Replica Set – change the size of the replica set by altering the size key in the Custom Resource options configuration.
  • Support for Multiple Shards– provides horizontal database scaling, distributing data across multiple MongoDB Pods.
  • Manage your Backups – automate backups or perform an on-demand backup at any time and support simple restores.
  • Set Node as Arbiter – set a node as an arbiter, which participates in elections for a new primary node but does not store any data.
  • Automate node recovery - use the self-healing capability to automatically recover from the failure of a single Percona Distribution for MongoDB node.
  • Provide data encryption - rely on support for data encryption in transit.
  • Support private data registries - access information from a private registry to enhance security.

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