Modifying options for the existing cluster

I would like to modify postgres options for existing cluster by editing ConfigMaps -pgha-config. Saving ConfigMap triggers updating configuration that we can see on postgres log and file postgresql.conf is updated. Command patronictl list inform about Pending restart.
It works on percona operator v1.1.0.

On version 1.3.0 after updating ConfigMaps -pgha-config nothing happened. I tried to force reload configuration by patronictl reload but new configuration not appear in postgresql.conf and does not apply to cluster.

Have you some idea ?
Thanks in advance

I would like drop some words
As for me patroni is not triggered by changes occured in configMap pg-cms-pgha-config that is mapped to postgres pod to /pgconf/pg-cms-dcs-config and does not update config file /pgdata/pg-cms/postgresql.conf threfore nothing happend with

I would like to change parameter logging_collector: off

Could you explain someone why patroni does not see changes, please ?

bash-4.4$ cat /pgconf/pg-cms-dcs-config 
     archive_command: source /opt/crunchy/bin/postgres-ha/pgbackrest/
       && pgbackrest archive-push "%p"
     archive_mode: true
     archive_timeout: 60
     jit: false
     log_connections: false
     log_directory: pg_log
     log_disconnections: false
     log_min_duration_statement: 60000
     log_statement: none
     logging_collector: on
     max_connections: 200
     max_wal_senders: 6
     shared_buffers: 128MB
     shared_preload_libraries: pg_stat_monitor,pgaudit,pg_stat_statements
     ssl: "on"
     ssl_ca_file: /pgconf/tls/ca.crt
     ssl_cert_file: /pgconf/tls/tls.crt
     ssl_key_file: /pgconf/tls/tls.key
     temp_buffers: 8MB
     unix_socket_directories: /tmp
     wal_level: logical
     work_mem: 4MB
     restore_command: source /opt/crunchy/bin/postgres-ha/pgbackrest/
       && pgbackrest archive-get %f "%p"
   use_pg_rewind: true
bash-4.4$ cat /pgdata/pg-cms/postgresql.conf
# Do not edit this file manually!
# It will be overwritten by Patroni!

include 'postgresql.base.conf'
archive_command = 'source /opt/crunchy/bin/postgres-ha/pgbackrest/ && pgbackrest archive-push "%p"'
archive_mode = 'True'
archive_timeout = '60'
cluster_name = 'pg-cms'
hot_standby = 'on'
jit = 'False'
listen_addresses = ''
log_connections = 'True'
log_directory = 'pg_log'
log_disconnections = 'True'
log_min_duration_statement = '60000'
log_statement = 'none'
max_connections = '200'
max_locks_per_transaction = '64'
max_prepared_transactions = '0'
max_replication_slots = '10'
max_wal_senders = '6'
max_worker_processes = '8'
port = '5432'
shared_buffers = '128MB'
shared_preload_libraries = 'pg_stat_monitor,pgaudit,pg_stat_statements'
ssl = 'on'
ssl_ca_file = '/pgconf/tls/ca.crt'
ssl_cert_file = '/pgconf/tls/tls.crt'
ssl_key_file = '/pgconf/tls/tls.key'
temp_buffers = '8MB'
track_commit_timestamp = 'off'
unix_socket_directories = '/tmp'
wal_keep_size = '128MB'
wal_level = 'logical'
wal_log_hints = 'on'
work_mem = '4MB'
hba_file = '/pgdata/pg-cms/pg_hba.conf'
ident_file = '/pgdata/pg-cms/pg_ident.conf'
# recovery.conf
primary_conninfo = 'user=primaryuser passfile=/tmp/.pgpass host= port=5432 sslmode=verify-ca sslcert=/pgconf/tls-replication/tls.crt sslkey=/pgconf/tls-replication/tls.key sslrootcert=/pgconf/tls/ca.crt application_name=pg-cms-5db646749c-xsgln gssencmode=prefer channel_binding=prefer'
recovery_target = ''
recovery_target_lsn = ''
recovery_target_name = ''
recovery_target_time = ''
recovery_target_timeline = 'latest'
recovery_target_xid = ''
restore_command = 'source /opt/crunchy/bin/postgres-ha/pgbackrest/ && pgbackrest archive-get %f "%p"'