Pgbouncer configuration


I would like to set custom parameters for pgbouncer like for postgres

Is it possible do it in code instead of modify specific config map and restart pgbouncer pods?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Viktor_Kucher,

Why do you want to change operator code for customizing pgbouncer?

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for example max_client_conn because default value is 100 and I would like to increase it.

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I understand why you want to customize pgbouncer configuration. But doing it in the code means you’ll maintain your own fork for this customization. Are there anything that blocks you from creating a config map?

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Of course I can update config map for pgbouncer and restart pgbouncer. Percona operator supports custom config map for pgCluster, like



customconfig: “cluster1-custom-config”
is it possible to use custom configuration for pgbouncer ?

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