Modifying options for the existing cluster -- not work for me. And a few questions

  1. I tried to do it several times according to the instructions, I never managed to change the settings, I tried max_connections (PGO v1.2)

  2. It seemed to me a very dubious idea to apply changes in a custom config to start and stop the cluster. ( Pause/resume PostgreSQL Cluster )
    After all, many useful changes in the config require only a reload PG

  3. using “patronictl edit-config” to change the config doesn’t work here. It’s not mentioned in your documentation.

  4. Though, “kubectl edit configmaps cluster1-pgha-config” – works by magically changing the PG config.
    After that, it remains only to make the “patronictl reload\restart”

Is it right to do so?

Yes, and of course thanks for the PGO ))))

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Hello @Sergey_Zhuravlev ,

  1. How were you doing it?
  2. Sounds like a good improvement, agree. I will check with the team if we can easily change this. How critical is it for you? I assume pg config change is not a change that you would do daily.
  3. The intended way of doing things is through configmaps. (As you mention in (4)).
  4. Are you saying you have to restart patroni manually after changing the configmaps? I thought Pod restart is going to take effect there.