Migration from MariaDB to Percona 8 cPanel

Just want to say, i don’t have that much experience with everything, so please don’t be angry if i ask stupid questions.

I asked the mycpadmin team to try migrate from MariaDB 10.3 to Percona 8.
As i really want to migrate to Percona 8 but it’s unsuccessful every time.

They tried even to do it for Percona 5.6/5.7 but always there was a problem with permissions or phpmyadmin:


And then when they failed after 14 hours they sended me those messages:

I am looking for help, i can even pay if someone would be able to migrate it, or tell the steps to the technical support team from mycpadmin to try different way.
Migration is not big, there are around 20 databases on the whole server some of them are 300MB MAX. So it’s not that big deal.

But my point is to use Percona 8 instead of MariaDB…

Any answers would be much appreciated.

Thank you,


Thanks for your question.
Just to confirm your situation, you are currently on shared hosting and would like to replace the MariaDB 10.3 database(s) with Percona Server for MySQL 8? I will drop you an email about this, since as you have mentioned if we are able to help it’s more likely a paid engagement since it’s very specific to your needs/environment.

Hello, i own my hosting company, which runs on cPanel, cPanel by default dosen’t support Percona 8, which is really bad for me, because i really want Percona 8 to have as my main MySQL server, currently i am on MariaDB but i would love to switch to Percona 8, so my costumers can have what they really wanted :).

Thank you for your time and appreciate it!