LRU dump with partial backup

I’m trying to make the LRU buffer pool backup feature work with the table-level --export feature of XtraBackup. I’m not hitting errors, but it doesn’t seem to be working as expected – is this possible at all? I’m exporting the buffer pool from the source server, moving it over to the target server, then doing a live import of a specific database using the --export option. Ideally, I’d be able to import the buffer pool on the target and just bring in the pages that were actually backed up (since others may be missing) – can XtraBackup do this?

So what you are trying to achieve is to import a specific table on another server and make sure that the pages belonging to it are loaded in the buffer pool. Well when the LRU list of the buffer pool is exported, what is actually dumped is a list of pointers that point to the location of the pages on disk. So when you restore the bufferpool, pages from that location are read and loaded into buffer pool. So for the same page to be loaded into the buffer pool on two different servers, it must exist at exactly the same location on disk, otherwise it won’t get loaded.