Restoring A Specific Table Using XtraBackup

We’re currently backing and up and restoring using the --export option in order to allow specific tables restore once a full backup and its incremental backups has been prepared in the following way:

  1. first with the --apply-log --redo-only arguments
  2. then applying incremental backups using --apply-log --incremental-dir=
  3. and eventually --apply-log --export

This generates a restored DB directory structure in which every table has its own set of files,
Which can then be selectively copied and used to restore a specific table on another DB.

Thing is - this is taking exactly the same it as if it would have taken to simply prepare the DB and open it temporarily so this table can be export/imported onwards to the other DB.

Is there any way of specifically selecting a Table(s) to be restored without having to restore the entire backup set?

Avraham K