LinuxOne s390 Postgresql 15.1 Max_Connection Limit

We have postgresql database 15.1 is running on the LinuxOne s390. High avalibility is provided wtih Patroni. When we try to increase the max_connection, we get error.
First we increased it from 100 to 500 and it was succesfull. But max connection from 500 to 1000 we get error.
How we solve this problem?


So I’ve done the easy thing and copied and pasted the relevant parts from the Patroni documentation

“How” you go about increasing the parameter, especially with Patroni, is relevant.

patronictl -c /etc/patroni/patroni.yml edit-config

Dynamic configuration.
These options can be set in DCS at any time. If the options changed are not part of the startup configuration, they are applied asynchronously (upon the next wake up cycle) to every node, which gets subsequently reloaded. If the node requires a restart to apply the configuration (for options with context postmaster, if their values have changed), a special flag, pending_restart indicating this, is set in the JSON. Additionally, the node status also indicates this, by showing “restart_pending”: true.

Some of the PostgreSQL parameters must hold the same values on the primary and the replicas. For those, values set either in the local patroni configuration files or via the environment variables take no effect. To alter or set their values one must change the shared configuration in the DCS. Below is the actual list of such parameters together with the default values:

max_connections: 100
max_locks_per_transaction: 64
max_worker_processes: 8
max_prepared_transactions: 0
wal_level: hot_standby
wal_log_hints: on
track_commit_timestamp: off

Hope this helps.


thanks for your response.
We solved this problem. pg_stat_statment extension must update version.