It is not possible to restore the database in place (new feature of version v2.2 using a cr.yaml)

and there seems to be an inaccuracy in the documentation
The documentation says:

restore in-place, to an existing cluster (note that this is destructive) using the backups.restore subsection.

link leads to here:

and there in the backup section there is nothing about the restore

after looking into this:

and an example cr.yaml file

it became clear that this:


making a setting there and applying the modified cr.уaml
see in restore section there are no errors in the operator logs

but the restore is not done

Question: Has anyone tested this? Has anyone received such a restore in place?
Or am I doing something or misunderstanding?

Hi @Sergey_Zhuravlev, please read the following doc about backups and restore Restore from a backup - Percona Operator for PostgreSQL . As you can see, we have a separate objecst to perform backups and restores. Example for restore . Also, you can check our test for this feature as well. If you have any questions just ping me and I will help you.