Unable to Restore PXC

Hello support from Percona.

I need to say that i think you guys have been doing good job with kubernetes operator for percona xtradb cluster. Since two weeks ago we started doing a test in our dev environment. We successfully run percona cluster start and running with defined backup job. But, when i tried to start restore backup it does nothing.

Here is definition of backup:

All backup jobs are succeeded.

k -n mysql-ha describe pxc-backup cron-ott-db-fs-pvc-20201125001030-169ad >


And here is my restore definition:

Screenshot from 2020-11-26 12-38-53.png

Screenshot from 2020-11-26 12-39-22.png

k -n mysql-ha describe pxc-restore restore-ott-local >


The problem is that when i deploy ClusterRestore, I can’t see that restore job actually start. In status field there is nothing. So i have no idea from where start troubleshooting this issue.

In operator i can’t see any related logs when restore is deployed, but there are some other error logs.


I have one more question, is there possibility to restore individual db from this cluster backup.

I saw there are crds: perconaxtradbclusterbackups, perconaxtradbbackups but just perconaxtradbclusterrestores, not only restore.

Thank you so much in advance,

If you need more information, just ask me.

Best regards,

cron-ott-db-fs-pvc-20201125001030-169ad.txt (1.54 KB)

restore-ott-local.txt (958 Bytes)

pxc-operator-logs.txt (5.83 KB)


I have info about the above problem.

When restarted PXC operator, stuck restore process was just started, and finished successfully.

But still, I don’t know what was the root cause.

@Stepa_NF thank you for submitting it.

I have tried to reproduce the issue and failed.

Have you faced it again? Is there anything special about your setup that might trigger the issue?