Issue while adding New RDS Instance

I am getting below error while trying to add new RDS Instance on PMM using IAM Role and/or Access credentials. In fact, the RDS Instance which i am trying to add is not even Aurora, it’s MySQL Community RDS. Please, help.
InvalidParameterValue: Unrecognized engine name: aurora status code: 400, request id: 5e1a4be2-b7fc-474f-94ed-21c5fd3f89b6

Hello theprasun,
Thank you for the question.

Here are some possible solutions to this issue:

  1. Check the IAM role and/or access credentials: Ensure that the IAM role and/or access credentials being used to add the RDS instance have the necessary permissions to access the RDS instance. You can check the IAM role and/or access credentials by signing in to the AWS Management Console and opening the Amazon RDS console. In the navigation pane, choose Databases, and then choose the name of the DB instance. In the Connectivity & security tab, write down the values of the VPC ID under VPC and the subnet ID under Subnets

  2. Check the database permissions: Ensure that the user has the necessary database permissions to connect to the DB instance. Check for any resource throttling in Amazon RDS, such as CPU or memory contention. This contention might lead to issues with establishing newer connections to the instance. Be sure that the instance hasn’t reached the max_connections limit

  3. Check the PMM server configuration: Ensure that the PMM server is properly configured to connect to the RDS instance. Check the PMM server logs for any errors or warnings related to the RDS instance. You can also try restarting the PMM server and adding the RDS instance again

  4. Check for any network issues: Ensure that there are no network issues preventing the PMM server from connecting to the RDS instance. Check the security group and network ACL settings for the RDS instance to ensure that the PMM server is allowed to connect to it. You can also try pinging the RDS instance from the PMM server to check for any network issues

Denis Subbota.
Managed Services, Percona.

Hi @theprasun , even I am facing same issue. Later I figured out that AWS has removed the support for aurora with mysql 5.6, hence, AWS doesn’t allow to describe db engine versions with engine type aurora. This is working in certain regions and not in many regions. I am waiting for this pull request to be approved to fix this issue. MySQL 5.6 removed from AWS by rikwasmus · Pull Request #1899 · percona/pmm · GitHub . The jira raised for this is [PMM-11853] aurora in aws no longer supported as engine - Percona JIRA

Hope this answers.