Is it required to install pg_partman and pg_cron on all the node of postgres

We have installed 3 node postgres cluster as per your documentation .
We want to install pg_partman and pg_cron .
is it required to install all 3 nodes?

Yes, the reason being that you will most likely want to run pg_partman and pg_cron instructions on the PRIMARY and since you can failover to any node you want them also to be ready with the exentensions already in place.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your answer
We are facing issue of configuring pg_cron.Any document is there to configure pg_cron.
postgres=# CREATE EXTENSION pg_cron;
ERROR: unrecognized configuration parameter “cron.database_name”

patroni.yaml configuration:

  shared_preload_libraries: 'pg_cron,pg_partman_bgw'
  cron.database_name: postgres
  pg_partman_bgw.interval: 30
  pg_partman_bgw.analyze: off

Kindly let me know how can I configure


Hopefully, this will prove useful. The documentation detailing pg_cron is here

FYI by default the cron database name is “postgres” so you don’t have to edit patroni.yaml

postgres=# show cron.database_name;
(1 row)
postgres=# create extension pg_cron;
postgres=# select * from pg_extension;
  oid  | extname | extowner | extnamespace | extrelocatable | extversion |         extconfig         | extcondition
 13717 | plpgsql |       10 |           11 | f              | 1.0        |                           |
 16434 | pg_cron |       10 |           11 | f              | 1.5        | {16437,16436,16456,16455} | {"","","",""}
(2 rows)

Hope this helps.