Unable to edit and setup alarm on PMM 2 graphs

I have installed PMM from docker and configured database and OS monitoring for my servers, SMTP details, and notification channel is also working fine, but when i am trying to set up an alert of any of the created graphs I am unable to see any “EDIT” option.

Please let me know how to enable the editing of graphs in PMM.

Hello, as I know, you can’t create alert in Grafana on parametrizable dashboard. PMM is a good monitoring tool, but not alerting.
I setup my own Grafana server, use pmm prometheus as a datasource, created my own dashboards with only metrics which I want to cover by alerts and created alerts. It works pretty good.

You need to copy that graph and tune it for yourself. PMM is using variables at their own dashboards&graphs. You can not define alerts via variables because of grafana. So, you need to clone that graph and turn variables to the hostname, IP or whatever it is. Then you can set alarms based on that.

@Ghan hit the nail on the head with this one.  Here’s a blog post by our very own Peter Zaitzev on setting this up.