Integration of External Consul Cluster with PMM 2

Hello, is it possible to extend PMM to use an existing consul cluster instead of the built-in consul package?


Consul isn’t used in PMM2 server.

Either that issue has been deleted or it is not viewable.

@fward What are you trying to achieve ?

Peter, at this point I just wanted to see the issue noted above wherein Consul was removed to ascertain if it was advisable to monitor or use the service delivery functions for this package with Consul since that package has been removed. You guys had to have a good reason to do that. Previously, my primary concern was that the external production Consul environment be used instead of the built-in version that was included with 1.7.

Percona Monitoring and Management is designed to be self contained package so using external Consul was never supported.

In PMM2 Consul is not used at all

Ok, good enough for me. Makes less headaches for me anyway.