pmm, pmm2


i just tried the pmm2, but i can’t find option/command to add external jobs. Does that feature removed from pmm2?

I have the same problem

Idem ! I have the same problem

Hi lorraine.pocklington , Michael Coburn

Maybe we can open a Jira to add this feature?

As members of the Community you are welcome to create feature requests in JIRA, there is guidelines on the site. The benefit of you doing this yourself is that you will be kept informed of the progress/analysis/decision on the request.
Please make sure that there is not already a similar request, there are more details here: [URL][/URL]

As lorraine.pocklington reply, you can open a feature request in jira.

[URL][PMM-4792] Add External Jobs - Percona JIRA

Thank you rpedrero, we appreciate your help!

All interesed people, pls,
follow & vote this Ticket:
[URL][PMM-3347] External Services Monitoring - Percona JIRA

Dear lorraine.pocklington
The ticket was updated to fix in future:
Fix Version/s:future

What is the meaning of this?

we can expect the new feature in short time?

many thanks

So this means that the team acknowledge the request is valid, and that the fix is in the work queue.
It’s not really any indication of timescale as we can’t tell from this the priority of this request compared to others.

Many thanks for the quick answer lorraine.pocklington