Integrated Alerting not visible for Ldap credentials

Integrated alerting is accessible for admin credentials, But we were unable to see Integrated alerting for ldap login,
Screenshot 2021-03-12 at 2.04.42 PM
Even integrated alerting toggle is enabled.

though org_role is admin for server Group Mappings of ldap toml not accessible.
group_dn = “*”
org_role = “Admin”

Screenshot 2021-03-12 at 1.50.38 PM
please let us know how to resolve it.

Hmmm…this is interesting and may end up being an oversight on our side as I’m guessing we’re looking for explicit membership in the role vs implied (through external auth integration). If you don’t mind creating a jira ticket at in the PMM project and link it here I’ll be home in a few hours and can validate as I’m using AD on my instance at home so should be able to see it and perhaps offer additional details.

Definitely a bug… I can login and see many admin only components of PMM including enabling Integrated Alerting but cannot see it from the bell icon.

it seems that’s the only place not displaying but permissions are correctly evaluated for the Integrated alerting feature itself so as a temporary workaround you can create a bookmark for https:///graph/integrated-alerting/alerts and even if not logged in you’ll first land at the login page and then be taken right there.

I went ahead and created this jira issue so if you just DM me your email I can make you a watcher of the ticket or if you have an account on our jira instance I can make you the reporter for updates as it progresses.