Integerate PMM with LDAP/AD

We are doing a POC in PMM and would like to integerate the server with LDAP/AD for single sign on.
how do we do that ?
Can somebody share the instructions to achieve this ?


Hi Velumal
Using the latest version of PMM2 you’ll only have to enable LDAP by running the following commands:
sudo docker exec -it pmm-server /bin/bash
Edit the /etc/grafana/grafana.ini file, uncomment the variable enabled and set it to true:

enabled = true

Restart grafana:
supervisorctl restart grafana

Then, in the PMM/Server Admin option, you’ll find the LDAP tab where you can set the LDAP server information.

Here is a blogpost with a nice walkthrough the above.

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Thank you @mateo_fleitas. I was able to complete the integration successfully.
Appreciate your guidance on this.