Integrated Alerting filters

Can anyone explain or link to a document that explains the syntax for integrated alerting filters?

I’ve got an alert set up for when an auto-inc column is more than 50% “used”, but I’ve the same table in various environments where this can be ignored.

I’ve tried setting the filter to table!=TableName and various variants of this but the alerts keep coming for these tables.

What should I set the filter to to ignore any table named “TableName”?


It appears that you can filter by service_name or node_name, so you should be able to create a filter list for the services/nodes that host that table.

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That’s not great… with about 50 database with that table that is not a real solution.

Is there no documentation describing the filter syntax?

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Yeah, at any kind of decent scale that gets unwieldy.

The documentation is indeed pretty sparse at the moment, and I haven’t seen anything specific about syntax (though I think the syntax is just “key=value”, but what stuff you can filter on is a bit of a mystery).

If you mouse over the little “i” above the filter box you will see the below, and that is what I assume is supported at the moment.

IA is in technical preview, so YMMV. I’ve had some luck with making it do what I want, but have also done a fair bit of head scratching.

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Hi, I think in this case being a “global” filter the best way is to apply it to the rule template itself

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